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Save 15%Core Line Extension (9PC)Core Line Extension (9PC)
Core Line Extension (9PC) Sale price$262 CAD Regular price$308 CAD
Save 8%Core Line Extension Face SetCore Line Extension Face Set
Core Line Extension Face Set Sale price$198 CAD Regular price$215 CAD
Save 10%Core Line Extension Eye SetCore Line Extension Eye Set
Core Line Extension Eye Set Sale price$85 CAD Regular price$94 CAD
Save 13%Essentials Brush Collection (9PC)Essentials Brush Collection (9PC)
Essentials Brush Collection (9PC) Sale price$276 CAD Regular price$318 CAD
Save 7%Essentials Face Brush SetEssentials Face Brush Set
Essentials Face Brush Set Sale price$184 CAD Regular price$198 CAD
Save 6%Essentials Eye Brush SetEssentials Eye Brush Set
Essentials Eye Brush Set Sale price$113 CAD Regular price$120 CAD
Save 14%Precision Brush CollectionPrecision Brush Collection
Precision Brush Collection Sale price$135 CAD Regular price$157 CAD
Save 6%Brush Set for Hooded or Smaller EyesBrush Set for Hooded or Smaller Eyes
Brush Set for Hooded or Smaller Eyes Sale price$106 CAD Regular price$113 CAD
Save 10%Large Buffer & Round FoundationLarge Buffer & Round Foundation
Large Buffer & Round Foundation Sale price$92 CAD Regular price$102 CAD
Save 20%Luxury Makeup Brush Set (16PC)Luxury Makeup Brush Set (16PC)
Luxury Makeup Brush Set (16PC) Sale price$459 CAD Regular price$576 CAD
Save 12%Nikki La Rose Pro Artist Brush Set (7PC)Nikki La Rose Pro Artist Brush Set (7PC)
Nikki La Rose Pro Artist Brush Set (7PC) Sale price$255 CAD Regular price$291 CAD
Angie Hot & Flashy Travel Brush Set with PouchAngie Hot & Flashy Travel Brush Set with Pouch
Save 4%Angie Hot & Flashy Brush Set (7PC)Angie Hot & Flashy Brush Set (7PC)
Angie Hot & Flashy Brush Set (7PC) Sale price$177 CAD Regular price$184 CAD
Sold outTravel Brush Set with PouchTravel Brush Set with Pouch
Standup Brush Holder & Travel Makeup BagStandup Brush Holder & Travel Makeup Bag
101 Contoured Foundation101 Contoured Foundation
102 Large Powder102 Large Powder
102 Large Powder Sale price$51 CAD
103 Bronzer103 Bronzer
103 Bronzer Sale price$48 CAD
104 Tapered Powder104 Tapered Powder
104 Tapered Powder Sale price$51 CAD
105 Large Buffer105 Large Buffer
105 Large Buffer Sale price$54 CAD
106 Round Foundation106 Round Foundation
106 Round Foundation Sale price$48 CAD
107 Flat Blush107 Flat Blush
107 Flat Blush Sale price$46 CAD
108 Precision Powder108 Precision Powder
108 Precision Powder Sale price$43 CAD
109 Mini Contoured Foundation109 Mini Contoured Foundation
110 Large Concealer110 Large Concealer
110 Large Concealer Sale price$43 CAD
111 Dense Bronzer111 Dense Bronzer
111 Dense Bronzer Sale price$48 CAD
112 Small Angled Face112 Small Angled Face
112 Small Angled Face Sale price$40 CAD
113 Small Flat Powder113 Small Flat Powder
113 Small Flat Powder Sale price$40 CAD
201 Blended Crease201 Blended Crease
201 Blended Crease Sale price$26 CAD
202 Defined Crease202 Defined Crease
202 Defined Crease Sale price$23 CAD
203 Shader203 Shader
203 Shader Sale price$26 CAD
204 Smudge It204 Smudge It
204 Smudge It Sale price$22 CAD
205 Contoured Shader205 Contoured Shader
205 Contoured Shader Sale price$26 CAD
206 Blending Shader206 Blending Shader
206 Blending Shader Sale price$26 CAD
207 Pencil Blender207 Pencil Blender
207 Pencil Blender Sale price$23 CAD
208 Precision Angled208 Precision Angled
208 Precision Angled Sale price$22 CAD
209 Mini Shader209 Mini Shader
209 Mini Shader Sale price$23 CAD
210 Mini Pencil210 Mini Pencil
210 Mini Pencil Sale price$23 CAD
211 Detail Blender211 Detail Blender
211 Detail Blender Sale price$23 CAD
212 Medium Blender212 Medium Blender
212 Medium Blender Sale price$26 CAD
Angie Hot & Flashy A501 Lid ShaderAngie Hot & Flashy A501 Lid Shader
Angie Hot & Flashy A502 Crease ShaderAngie Hot & Flashy A502 Crease Shader
Angie Hot & Flashy A503 BlenderAngie Hot & Flashy A503 Blender
Angie Hot & Flashy A504 DetailerAngie Hot & Flashy A504 Detailer
Angie Hot & Flashy A505 ShimmerAngie Hot & Flashy A505 Shimmer
Angie Hot & Flashy A506 ConcealerAngie Hot & Flashy A506 Concealer
Angie Hot & Flashy A507 Angled BlushAngie Hot & Flashy A507 Angled Blush
Sold outNikki La Rose N17 Multi-Pro FaceNikki La Rose N17 Multi-Pro Face
Sold outNikki La Rose N16 Pro ConcealerNikki La Rose N16 Pro Concealer
Nikki La Rose N15 Precision Medium PowderNikki La Rose N15 Precision Medium Powder